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Family run company
Family run company
Knitted garment production
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Lightweight garment sewing factory
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97-330, Sulejów
Włodzimierzów ul. Zdrowie 29
NIP: 7711475882
VAT EU: PL7711475882
Established in: 2003

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Paweł Wtorkowski

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About us

Our lightweight garment sewing was established in 2003 year by our family. We have built our production facilities from scratch next to our house where we are living. You can feel at our factory very comfortable and enjoy your production with us. We pay attention to details, all garment is carefully checked and production is always neat and tidy.
Our production building is designed to meet production criteria that are up to high standards. Our main sewig area is full of day light which help our sewing staff to focus on all production details.

We have our cutting facilities and ironing tables.
Each garment is checked by our quality controllers and is packed individually according to customer request.
Ready to collect orders are stored at our warehouse that offers covenient collection facilities even for big trucks.

Company employ 23 people including 18 sewing ladies. We are mainly focused on ladies wear, infant and children wear production.
We can also provide pattern construction service.

We are looking for production on regular basis.

lightweight garment manufacturer, CMT, cut and sew, knitted garment production

Ladies wear, Kidswear, Workwear

Tops, t-shirts, Blouses, Tracksuits, Dresses, Sportswear

Main activity

Sewing Factory, CMT

Number of employees




Monthly capacity in pcs


Sampling time

14 days

Average order quantity

  • 1000

Cost of samples

  • Standard price x2

Trading areas

  • Local market
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe

Export services

31% - 60%

31% - 60%

Technical details


Overlocks 4 -5 thread, lockstitch ( automat ) , coverstitch, twin needle machines, buttonholing and button sewing machines, snap hand press , bolting machine, crochet stitch.

Ordering and Payment

Payment terms

  • deferred payment


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